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@Regranned from @natgeo @stevewinterphoto

Dinner time! I saw these lion cubs chowing down while photographing a lion translocation by the
@africanparksnetwork from Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa to
Liwonde and Majete National Parks, Malawi. @africanparksnetwork is working together with the
@lionrecovery to restore lions to parts of Africa where they once
roamed! This is truly #goodnews as African lions are threatened by
bushmeat poaching, conflict with farmers and poorly managed trophy
hunting across much of their range. @africanparksnetwork is presently
managing 13 national parks in 9 countries, protecting over 7 million
hectares of habitat which holds threatened species like black
rhinoceros, forest and savanna elephants and big cats like lions and
leopards! Their recent work has brought back rhinos to Rwanda, moved
#500elephants to a new home in Malawi and impacted more than 2 million
people who are benefiting from the parks under their management.

@leonardodicapriofdn and @leonardodicaprio are funding the
@LionRecovery who are sponsoring this translocation with the Dutch

#follow @AfricanParksNetwork and @stevewinerphoto as this exciting
lion range expansion project continues to unfold!

@LionRecovery @leonardodicapriofdn @andbeyondphinda
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#Malawi #Majete #Liwonde – #regrann