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Regrann from @tinmanlee – What happened when a beaver and a bear ran into each other? They looked at each other, 20 feet between them, both frozen for a second. The bear then dashed and jumped to mid air and swung his paw, smashing the beaver deep into the mud flat. A high-pitch loud scream penetrated the silence of this remote beach next to an ancient spruce forest in Alaska. Blood. The sound of death. My jaw dropped. I thought that’s the end of action. Then out of nowhere, at least 10 bears instantly emerged from within a mile like telepathy, walking out from the forest, or getting closer from the beach, all smelling the blood, including the biggest bear, probably the “king” of the area. His stance was menacing, and he came with his new mate right next to him. I guess he wanted to impress the queen, so he started to charge at this bear with the beaver (which means also towards my direction, at full speed, which was faster that Usain Bolt), while the other bears followed him. Seemed like a deadly fight was imminent. The bear with beaver looked at the beaver under his claws, then looked at the incoming “king” from afar, then to the beaver again. I was expecting a full on collision with both of them on hind legs fighting. In the very last moment, when the king was sprinting to within 30 feet, this bear made a quick decision. He grabbed the beaver and ran for his life, constantly looking over his shoulder to see if the king had caught up with him, swinging the body of the beaver up and down while running. 600mm, f/5.6, 1/1000s, ISO 1600. Alaska. We held our ground and didn’t move, while these bears ran among us, at times circling us. So close I could feel the ground shaking like an earthquake. – #regrann