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Ripped To Ribbons – 📸 by @arjdheer

Unfortunately for the wildebeest (and my sleep schedule), hyenas don’t take weekends off. Had an absolutely CRAZY morning with the Munge clan today. I found M-398 (alpha male of the clan) scouting out a wildebeest herd with M-433, a younger male. They quickly zeroed in on a calf who had been born about 10 minutes prior. They chased and isolated the mother and calf from the rest of the herd… the mother put up a spirited defense, but the hyenas were too quick. Within minutes, they ripped the calf to ribbons. They ate in silence, but the calf’s bleating drew the attention of Kombozi (M-296), a high-ranking female who bulldozed through and took the carcass for herself. The others could only watch. A few minutes later, a frenzy of noise and activity occurred on the open plains below us… we drove down and found M-419 with another fresh kill! As gruesome as this seems, it’s part of daily life in Ngorongoro. The surplus of wildebeest calves is essential for sustaining healthy predator populations. Large carnivores are thriving in the Crater, which indicates a healthy ecosystem. It’s all connected. #documentingreality – #regrann