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Clean Up Crew – πŸ“Έ by @sonalinik

Some animals, such as vultures, have adapted to be able to eat rotting meat, or carrion. Some people propose that the vulture’s extremely low pH aids in killing most pathogens, although it seems to be a hypothesis and more research needs to be done to look for other possible mechanisms.

The thing people often don’t realize is that wild animals often do get sick and die from things that affect us too.

One example is leptospirosis, a bacterium that affects many species, including wildlife, rodents, livestock, dogs and people. It infects the kidneys and bacteria is spread through the urine of animals, usually through a contaminated water source. Infected dogs get liver and kidney failure.

Without treatment, and sometimes despite treatment, it is often fatal. If not directly fatal, it can leave an animal debilitated, thus making it easy prey for a predator.