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Blind Rage – 📽 by @aaron_teasdale for NationalSierraClub

Montana-based writer and photographer Aaron Teasdale has been exploring the toothier corners of the world with pen and camera in hand for two decades. He specializes in safe-ish adventures in wild places where he’s pushed way down the food chain. He’s been charged by bears, sprayed by humpback whales while paddleboarding, caught by avalanches in wild mountains, skiing with wolverines, threaded a herd of giraffes on a mountain bike, and surrounded by howling wolves at night alone in Glacier Park.

After years of encountering bears in the wild, he landed an assignment with Sierra Magazine documenting the expansion of Montana grizzlies into lands they hadn’t inhabited in a century. This video shows a trapped 22-year-old male who’d been getting into chicken coops being released by biologists in a more remote area. He’s damn eager to get out of the trap and almost takes Teasdale’s camera with him. Amazingly, the camera still works, though it’s now scored with grizzly teeth marks.

While his work has appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, and books around the world, including National Geographic, Audubon, Outside, Mens’ Journal, and others, he’s only recently started sharing his work on social media. Follow him @aaron_teasdale

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