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This account began on January 30th 2017 with this photo.

The original caption is “Wolf taking his lunch to go” not realizing that its a coyote, but back then I didn’t have any followers to correct me.

Anyway, because its our “birthday” we’re doing another contest:

Scroll down to the ORIGINAL POST! Its the very 1st post on this page.

Once you’re there, caption the photo, or roast me and the original caption, or just tag a bunch of people in a post that’s 2 years old. (Bonus points for doing all 3)

I’ll pick my favourite and send you a t-shirt.

Considering no one reads captions, the pool should be a lot smaller than our last contest. This ones for the readers πŸ™‚
Winning Caption:
Ok, Joe Rogan. The year was 1988, and I was in Hoboken, New Jersey. I did so much blow I swear to God I turned into a fucking wolf or some shit and I ate a fucking deer! – @jakebalsam