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📽 by @marlondutoit
by @marlondutoit

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Why share a video of this nature? Why expose you to the real intense truth of life & death on the African plains, the side of nature we so easily look away from?

The reason is simple.
I document nature as it’s given to me. I choose to not look away. I choose to not put my camera down. I am not here to choose sides, to favour one animal above the other in this struggle for life & death.

On this day we watched a clan of hyenas run down a wildebeest. It was incredible to watch. Here’s an animal so often labelled as a lowly “scavenger”, good for nothing other than stealing carcasses from lions & leopards, feeding on those who’ve died from disease.

Well let me tell you, scene’s such as this & others I’ve played witness to in the past tell me that hyenas are at the top of the food chain alongside lions. They may not be pretty but they are incredible predators with the ability to exploit every possible opportunity that comes their way.
It’s not a pretty video. It’s not meant to be.

It’s not what you usually expect to see or what I typically share.
What I want is for you to look at this & to appreciate nature as a whole. Hyenas don’t typically kill prey as soon as its caught, choosing instead to start feeding while the animal is alive. Is that cruel? No! It’s functional. They are then able to get a meal faster before the rest of the often very large clan arrives, or before lions charge in to challenge them for the meals they’ve just worked very hard for.

What do you think happens to a wildebeest caught by a large pride of lions? Does it die without being eaten? While one lions doing the suffocating the rest of the pride has started eating, much in the same way that hyenas do. If they don’t compete for the carcass they’ll end up not getting their portion of the kill.

So with this video I ask you not to judge hyenas based on what you see. That wildebeest certainly has seen better days but on this day he became a part of the cycle of life. The hyenas fed as fast as they could, already on edge with the strong winds blowing & perhaps masking the scent/smell of lions.