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This toad isn’t eating the beetle, the beetle is eating the toad.

When a toad meets anything from the epomis family, they’re basically screwed.

Toads are arrogant, if something smaller than them comes along, 99 times out of 100 they can eat it.

Epomis evolved to use that arrogance to their advantage, enticing the toad to get close enough for it to strike.

Sometimes the toad manages to swallow the larvae, these toads have been observed vomiting up the larvae hours later and the larvae will then attack it, as if they were taking a nap inside the toad before lunch.

Its gets worse. The epomis bites down and secretes enzymes into the victim, basically melting it from the inside out, liquefying and sucking it down like a capri sun.

If you wanna read more about this little bastard, a more detailed article will be posted in our story shortly after this post is up.