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Master of the Sky

Bald eagles mate for life and are capable of living well over 30 years in the wild (50+ in captivity)

Their vision is 4 times better than a human, meaning they can spot prey from up to 3 miles away.

They have a wingspan of 6 – 7.5ft, and can soar at over 10,000ft at a speed of 30mph. In a dive they reach speeds of 75mph – 90mph (although they rarely dive)

Female bald eagles generally lay two eggs at a time. In times of stress, the older, healthier eaglet is known to peck the weaker one to death or push it off the nest, securing all possible resources for itself.

Fittingly, the bald eagle is found only in North America. Though there are 60 species of eagles worldwide, the only other species that’s found in North America is the slightly smaller golden eagle.

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