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📸 by @marlondutoit
by @marlondutoit

Oh how I wish I could tell you we saw an epic battle go down between these two creatures. That would have been a dream come true – a Jaguar catching & killing a massive caiman, predator vs predator.

This caiman died from natural causes & this female Jaguar discovered is after noticing the vulture activity. She dragged this heavy caiman through the water against the current, & heaved it up on to the bank of the river. She then pulled it all the way into the thicket behind & claimed her free meal all to her self.

To see this moment was incredible. The caiman carcass had been there for 5 days prior & we kept telling ourselves how epic it would be to see a jaguar pull it from the river. Our timing was absolutely spot on! My guest @thesafarigame was in prime position to capture photographs of a lifetime!

This also goes to show the opportunistic nature of this stunning feline. They’ll readily scavenge & won’t let such a large free meal go to waste.