Flash Flooding

One of the leading causes of weather related deaths is the flash flood.

The most common cause of a flash flooding is a bout of heavy rain in a short period of time.

The soil being either too saturated or too dry to absorb the water is another factor helping these fast moving channels of water wreak havoc on low lying areas.

The worst part about a flash flood is, you might not even see the storm that causes the flood, and if you’re in an area with spotty cell service, you might not get the flood warning.

Any and all low lying areas are prone to flash flooding if the rainfall is significant enough.

In most cases, you will only have a few minutes to get to high ground if a flash warning is issued for your area.

Using a national 30-year average, more people die yearly in floods (127) on average, than by lightning (73), tornadoes (65), or hurricanes (16)