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Manufactured Animosity

This happened in a Dutch zoo close to one year ago. The bears and the wolves share the enclosure for some reason.

A spokesman for the zoo said: ‘The animals are put together to challenge them like this to play with each other.’ He continued: ‘It’s a piece of enrichment for the animal kingdom. What happened Monday is really a one-time incident.

The animals have always lived in good harmony with each other.’ ‘It’s always gone well. We decided years ago to put the wolves and brown bears together. That’s good for the animals and we also see no reason to break them up now.’ Several other Zoo’s in Europe have bears and wolves in the same enclosure, none of the others have reported any problems.

In the wild, fatal interactions between wolves and bears do occur on occasion but they are super rare.

Maybe this interaction has something to do with being confined indefinitely with another group of apex predators for the rest of your life.

Fuck Zoos

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