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by @thewildsite
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Recently in the Mara, we encountered a scene where a pride of lions had just taken down a wildebeest. During their meal, this lioness grabbed something and walked towards us.

At first I figured she had picked up a liver or something, but it was soon very clear that it was something entirely else: the fetus of an unborn wildebeest calf.

When the shock of the scene had set, we did realise something else: the way the lioness carried this much resembled the way in which lioness carry their cubs: with a very careful soft bite in the neck.

It was one of these weeks that made me realise that nature really is about the circle of life.

Without food, lionesses can’t feed their young cubs, for instance the very young ones (several weeks) we saw somewhere else in the Mara. There, at that sight, there was a real threat of buffalo and hyena finding and killing those very same cubs.

The dedication and care towards their young would have no reason at all if they are not at the same time ruthless and doing what they do best: surviving


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