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The Eyes Have It
πŸ“Έ by @gatorboys_chris

Of the six pythons @gatorboys_chris and his crew caught that day, several had ticks on them, but this one had a tick taking up the space where the eye should have been. Another python had several ticks around the eye and the damage they were causing over time was apparent.
Pythons are an extremely detrimental invasive species in south Florida, wreaking havoc on native wildlife. Some studies show a 90% decrease in mammal populations where the pythons invade. The huge constrictors are native to Southeast Asia and have no real predators in Florida other than alligators (that they also eat) and man.

Although there is no feasible way to eliminate the invasive snakes, hunters remove every python they can, and each snake removed is saving thousands of native creatures. The ticks are certainly a nuisance for the pythons, but don’t seem to do much more.


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