Worlds Collide

📽 by Bekah Norton
by @octonation

In shallow waters of the coast of Vancouver island a bald eagle decided to swoop down for some lunch when the worlds largest known octopus (the giant pacific) enveloped him with 8 arms in an attempt to drown him.

Bald eagles have a wingspan of around 8 feet… giant Pacific octopuses have a multiple arm span of 16 feet.

So what happened? Some men on a fishing boat dragged the octopus towards the boat & dislodged the eagle— the octopus didn’t put up a fight when letting go of the eagle (most likely because it didn’t view the eagle as food— it would have drowned the bird & swam away)

Giant pacific octopuses don’t typically lurk in shallow waters which leads us to believe that the octopus was senescent & towards the end of its life— even still, this octo wasn’t going down without a fight.


Special thanks to @octonation for bringing this to my attention, for writing this up and making me sound smart.