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Meat Chandelier
πŸ“Έ by Unknown

Moose shed and regrow their antlers each year, and the growth of these rockin’ head ornaments is not possible without velvet.

Velvet is just the name of the tissue that covers the antlers and facilitates growth, it has nothing to do with red velvet cake or velvet fabric.

By September the antlers have stopped growing and it is time to shed the velvet. Moose will often rub their antlers on trees or shrubs (they sometimes eat it) to speed up the process of shedding.

The whole point of even having antlers is intimidation and head to head combat.

For the most part, moose only have to show their antlers to younger/ weaker males to scare them off.

Sometimes though intimidation doesn’t work and they have to throw down to protect their females.

On rare occasions, their antlers will become entangled and both moose die because they are unable to separate.

Once the rut is completed, moose will shed their antlers and the process begins again when the spring rolls around.