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Kill The Messenger

📽 via #publiclibraryofscience

One of the hunting strategies of the asian giant hornet is to send one scout to mark a bee hive with pheromones.

Having not evolved along side these predators, most bees have no defence against this, but japanese honey bees are more organized.

Instead of stinging the intruder, the honeybees swarm the hornet and begin vibrating, raising their collective temperature to 117 degrees Fahrenheit (47.2 ºC) and turning their crush of bodies into somewhat of a convection oven.

While the honeybees can tolerate temperatures of 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47.8 ºC), Japanese giant hornets can only tolerate 115 degrees (46.1 ºC)

The scout gets cooked and the hive survives another day.

#nimrewind January 3rd 2019