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Trampled Under Hoof

📽 by @jbstina via @nrk

Jon Børge Stina took his dog team out for a training run like he does every Sunday.

He has encountered moose on this trail before, several hundred times by his own account, this being the 1st time anything remotely aggressive has occurred.

They also passed this moose and her calf on the way onto the trail they were on, missing by only a few meters the 1st time.

For whatever reason, the second encounter was much different.

According to Stina, the moose cow started attacking the dogs not long after they had passed her and her calf the second time.

Stina’s attempts to dissuade the cow did nothing to stop the attack.

In the end, one out of the twelve dogs had to be put down, citing a broken back.

The rest of the dogs were ok, slightly banged up but nothing serious.

Stina defends the moose:

– I’m not mad at the cow. It just did its job of defending the calf. – We are in the moose realm – with “wolves”

As far as I know, no action has been taken to find the moose responsible for the attack on Stina’s pack.



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