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This is a repost from one of my favorite Instagram accounts,, who helped me with the caption.

I’m posting this because I feel like this isnt being taken seriously enough in certain countries.

A lot of people are mistaking their time off of work for vacation time and that’s bad for everyone.

The virus is extremely easy to spread and you are just helping it reach new people.

The infection pattern that we are seeing starts with a handful of individual cases turning into clusters, and those clusters of cases turning into huge fast-growing outbreaks.

The United States is at the cluster stage at the moment.

If people can’t/won’t stay home we’re going to start seeing some pretty big outbreaks.

You might have heard that only old and immunocompromised people get it. That is not true.

Young healthy people do get it and they do become critical and severe.

Also, keep in mind that 20 to 30% of patients that recover are left with permanent lung damage.

People under the impression that they will get through just fine if they recover are wrong.

Stay home.

Wash your hands.

Stop touching your face.

Stop treating this like its gonna go away on it’s own.