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Archachatina Marginata (Giant West African Snail)
laying eggs through the genital pore on the side of its neck.

The giant West African snail or banana rasp snail is a species of air-breathing tropical land snail.

They can grow up to 20 cm long, and live up to 10 years.

Not all snails are hermaphrodites, but the majority of them are.

They are equipped with both male and female reproductive organs.

To reproduce, some species of snail actually inject a calcified dart into the other snail to stimulate copulation.

This “love dart” has been shown to actually increase the chance of success by effectively injecting a chemical which impedes the sperm-resisting abilities of the receiving female reproductive organ.

Just to clarify: they basically stab at each with their darts until one of them scores a hit, and that’s how some snail babies are made.

However, these snails do all of their reproduction through the genital pore.



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