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Meet the adolescent issus.

This planthopping insect is the first known living creature ever discovered equipped with a fully functioning mechanical gear.

Jumping is vital for this insects survival, so much so that by the time the issus’ brain decides to jump, the jump has already occurred.

The biomechanical gear in their hind legs makes it so they don’t have to think about things like foot placement or keeping their legs in sync – the jump literally happens faster than the issus can think about it.

The main purpose of this biological specialization is to ensure that both legs move at the exact same time, so that when it does jump it doesn’t go spiraling out of control because one leg “fired” later than the other.

The issus jumps at nearly 400 times the force of gravity, more than 20 times a human body can withstand, so the precision of the movement is very important.



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