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Silent Death
πŸ“Έ by @rypedx

When in flight, barn owls use their low wing load (large wings supporting a lightweight body) to their advantage by gliding very slowly over large areas to look for food.

They can maintain smooth airflow across their wings and avoid stalling at low speeds because their flight feathers are covered in a thin hair-like structure meant to trap air within the feathers surface.

Their frontmost wing feathers have a row of tiny hooks that deaden the sound of the air hitting the wings leading edge.

This ability to fly in almost complete silence enables them to hear even the slightest noises from their potential prey from the air, and go in for the kill undetected.

This barn owl in particular also possesses the ability to steal your significant other from right under your nose, because well just look at him!

The phrase majestic af comes to mind.



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