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Race to the Bottom

A pack of dholes (asiatic wild dogs) taking down a sambar deer.

Both of these animals are on the IUCN’s red list: Sambar deers are classified as a “vulnerable species” and dholes are straight up endangered, with less than 2500 adults left in the wild.

Dhole are pack animals, thought they behave in contrasting fashion to the wild dogs of Africa when it comes to hunting.

They use the rugged terrain and geographical features of their territory to their advantage, waiting for the right moment to ambush and take down large prey with only a few adults in on the hunt.

Dholes have no problem taking down prey in the water, some believe they actually prefer it as water tires the animal quicker and also makes it harder for it to fight back.

For example, try kicking something in the water as opposed to on land.

To their credit, sambars are no easy meal either.

Among all living cervids, only moose and elk can attain larger size and stature than the sambar.