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Sea Leopard

Also known as the Leopard Seal, they are the big fish in the relative small “pond” known as the Antarctic Ocean.

They are only preyed upon by orcas, otherwise they run things down south.

When they’re young they eat small – fish, squid and krill.

Once they mature, they graduate to more substantial prey like penguins, but they do go after larger animals like young elephant seals.

It had been previously reported that leopard seals would skin their prey before eating, but those reports turned out to be false.

They do not possess the teeth necessary to slice their prey into manageable pieces, let alone flay them.

Instead they whip their heads back and forth while holding on firmly until they can rip and tear their prey into smaller pieces.

They have also been known to kill for fun.

They’ve been observed cutting off and chasing penguins back out into open water until the penguin either makes it back to shore or dies of exhaustion.

Researchers speculate that while the game itself expends massive amounts of energy on the seals part for no apparent reason, the game might serve to sharpen the seals hunting skills.



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