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πŸ“Έ by @khalidebrahim_

The male lion, one of the most dominant forces in the african bush.

As the leader of a pride, their main responsibility is maintaining and defending their territory and the members of that pride.

They put their body on the line, day in – day out, to defend all that is rightfully theirs.

The mane they so proudly carry helps them in one inevitable aspect of their life (protecting their head and neck from attacks) but costs them in another: camouflage.

Male lions don’t usually join in on a hunt where camouflage is a necessity because their manes are a dead giveaway, whereas female lions are better suited to blending in with their surroundings – much better for an ambush.

That’s not to say male lions don’t hunt – the pride will need him and his immense strength to take down larger prey, such as cape buffalo, giraffes, even elephants!

These beasts are built to dominate.

There are very few animals they cannot bend to their will and fewer still that can bend a male lion to their own.



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