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πŸ“Έ by @davidherasimtschuk

The hellbender giant salamander might have the coolest name ever.

The origin of the name is unclear, I don’t care though… if I ever have a kid that’s his (or her) middle name. Book it.

They are completely aquatic, so you won’t see them walking around anytime soon.

They breathe through their skin, absorbing oxygen from the water through capillaries on its side frills.

Like all salamanders, they can regenerate lost or injured body parts, including (but not limited to) their tail, lower jaw, their eyes, even their hearts!

Naturally, researchers are heavily invested in figuring out how they do this, so far they have concluded that we do possess the potential for limb regeneration, unfortunately the genes responsible are dormant in our bodies.

Human embryos do have the ability to regrow limb buds in the womb, but that seems to be the cut-off (no pun intended) for our salamander-esque regeneration capability.

Edit: For the people who will eventually ask: its eating a snake

That snakes name? Albert Einstein



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