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Off The Cuff

Lioness takes out a member of the local jackal pack.

This is a rare instance, a lioness going out of her way to kill a jackal isn’t a normal occurence.

They aren’t really competition, jackals don’t bring down big game like lions, but they do tend to hang around lion kills trying to steal a piece for themselves… that might be the reasoning behind this.

Rarer still would be her eating this jackal.

Predators just dont have the same nutritional value as a herbivore, so not worth the energy required.

When lions do kill another predator, say a lion from a rival pride or a hyena, they’re doing so to increase their own chances of success, and will only eat a rival as a display of dominance.

Smaller predators don’t really warrant such display, so if I were a betting man I’d say that she killed that jackal and left it in the grass for the local scavengers.



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