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📸 by @jasperdoest
by @jasperdoest

Two Japanese macaques “fighting for the best view” in the mountains of Shodoshima Island, while overlooking human development in the valley below.

Over the past decades Japan has slowly but gradually replaced its deciduous forest with pine tree forest for the purpose of timber logging.

Timber forest provides less nutrition than deciduous forest and therefore this change impacts the entire ecosystem.

This leaves no other option for animals to look for other possible foodsources.

With the ageing of the human population and many people of the younger generation moving to the cities in search for career opportunities, the empty rural areas in Japan provide just what the animals need; an easy accessible food source.

Wild boar, monkeys, bears and deer raiding crops have been the main cause of a growing human wildlife conflict in rural Japan.

Unpublished work from a story that is published in the March 2020 issue of National Geographic Magazine, written by Rene Ebersole. I hope this will be an invitation for a global discussion about the way we look at animal lives.



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