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Spoils of War

99% of all male elephant seals never mate.

The alphas control harems of up to 50 females and they earn this right by beating the seal shit out of every would-be alpha who tries to dethrone them.

During breeding season, elephant seals don’t eat, so with no reason to leave the beach it’s all about protecting the harem.

If another male gets to close, most clashes end without an actual fight.

They try to resolve issues without spending too much energy so most times they’ll just roar until the challenger backs down. (Elephant seals are among the loudest of any land mammal).
However, when a fight is unavoidable they bring it.

They’ll square off almost anywhere and start smashing their chest shields together (The males have a patch of tougher skin on their chests), shoving and thrashing at each others shoulders with their teeth, and most times both seals are covered in blood by the end of it.

Northern elephant seal males can weigh up to 5100lbs (2313kg) some males max out at 8200lbs (3700kg) and measure up to 11.8ft (3.6m)


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