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πŸ“½ by @melinkrinca

It was once thought that komodo dragons killed prey via blood poisoning, using toxic bacteria transferred to the prey in the komodo’s vicious bite.

We now know this to be false.

Komodo dragons have multiple venom ducts in between their teeth, unlike snakes who have a single duct that leads to their fangs.

The delivery system is obviously not as efficient as a snakes, but it get the job done.

Instead of injecting it, komodos bite down and pull, letting the venom ooze out of the glands and into the open wounds they’ve just created.

The toxin they employ rapidly drops the blood pressure, hinders the bloods ability to clot and sends their victim into shock.

Any animal that escapes the initial komodo attack will eventually weaken and die.

The komodo will then track them down and feast: they can consume up to 80% of their body weight in one sitting.



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