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Warranty Void If Seal Is Broken

Looks like the work of either a shark or an orca.

I’m guessing shark, but why did it only take one bite and move on? The answer might be optimal foraging AKA partial prey consumption.

PPC is very important and extremely widespread in the animal kindgom, and it disperses nutrients to the lower links of the food chain.

The idea behind PPC is simple: when food is scarce, it makes sense for a predator to take as much as they can from their kills.

But when food is abundant and relatively easy to catch, it pays to eat only the good parts and not waste time on parts that are harder to chew/digest.

An example of this is high grading:

Brown bears high grade when salmon are abundant, eating only the skin, eggs and brain of the fish (the fattiest and most calorie-rich parts) and chuck the rest.

Alternatively when the salmon are not so abundant, the bears will revert back to consuming 90 – 95 percent of their catches.

There is no way to tell for sure whether or not this partially consumed seal was a victim of optimal foraging, just thought I’d offer a plausible motive.



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