Stick Out
πŸ“Έ by @bianco.pablo
“A star doesn’t compete with other stars around it.
It just shines”
While that might be good advice for humans, striving for individuality in the animal world can be detrimental to your survival.

Predators and prey alike rely on camoflague, in either the surrounding brush of the African plains or the open ice of the Antarctic.

Prey animals are especially reliant on looking similar to members of their herd for survival, because standing out only brings you more attention.

More often than not, that attention is from predators scanning a group of animals for a weakness.

For example, an animal moving slower than the rest for whatever reason ( sickness, old age, injury) will always be a target.

The same goes for animals that fail to blend in with the rest of the herd, appearance-wise.

Luckily in this case, king penguins don’t have as many predators on land as they do in the water surrounding Antarctica.

This penguin was injured during a failed attack by a leopard seal while put fishing.

Staving off infection from that injury is another obstacle altogether.



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