All Is Fair In Love And War
πŸ“Έ by @settysphotography
by @settysphotography

Injured female fallow deer.

The other day I headed out at sunrise, the main goal was to photograph the red deer stags but short story short that didnt go to plan.

So I thought I’d try a quick visit to a kingfisher spot I knew. On the way there I stopped to photograph the fallow deer.

There must have been atleast 50 of them in a group. As I was figuring out which one to photograph that’s when this girl caught my eye.

At first i didn’t know what could have caused it, i knew this could happen to the bucks being as they get into fights with eachother & clash antlers which can cause injuries… but for this to happen to the female’s?
As time went on I saw the bucks chasing the females trying to mate. They would “go for them” so my only guess is one of the bucks charged at her and the result of that caused this injury.

I dont think there’s any other explanation. There’s nothing she could of hurt herself on but she’s a lucky girl! A few more centimetres and she would of lost an eye!

Of course this isn’t a image that will be popular for obvious reasons (not that I care if it is or is not) but I think it’s important to show nature in it’s good moments and its bad moments.
*If you didn’t catch it at the top, the caption was written by the photographer



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