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Your Dog Is A Wolf

The following should be classified as an opinion and should not be taken as fact.

Dogs descended from wolves, no mystery there.

One highly debated working theory is that they pretty much domesticated themselves.

They saw an advantage in keeping close proximity to humans – more food for less work, no hierarchy, no going hungry.

We kept them around, kept them fed, they made great hunting companions, fuck it we’re keeping him, call him Gustaf, let him sleep by the fire where its warm.

Eventually we started breeding them, before you know it they fit in purses.

But they’re still wolves at heart.

Not modern wolves, mind you… dogs are believed to be the descendants of a pleistocene wolf closer in size to that of a village dog, and those wolves have been extinct for a long long time.

In any case, they haven’t mated with anything but other wolves, the programming is still in there it just hasn’t been used in a long while, their survival depends on them keeping it together now, not hunting.

In my opinion, given the right set of circumstances, every dog is capable of something like this.

I mean, obviously…. a teacup poodle is physically about as far removed from a wolf as you can get, but somewhere in there, locked away in the recesses of its happy doggo brain, it wants to be out chasing squirrels.

I’m not saying any of this to demonize dogs or to make anyone afraid of dogs, I just think that they should be respected for what they are – distant relatives of a group of badass animals that have it easy now, but can lean on that programming if and when things go south.

Like I said at the beginning, this is just my written opinion, the main goal of which is to start a discussion.

#nimrewind August 29th 2019



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