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Northern hawk-owl about to devour an entire vole head.

The northern hawk-owl is a medium-sized owl of the northern latitudes, spending the vast majority of their lives above the 45th parallel.

They are non-migratory and usually stay within their breeding range, though northern hawk-owls will sometimes fly southward for short periods of time when prey in their normal habitat becomes scarce.

While most owls are nighttime hunters, the northern hawk-owl is one of the few owls that cannot be classified as a nocturnal (night) nor a crepuscular (twilight) hunter.

They prefer to hunt during the daytime (diurnal) but have also been observed hunting at all times of day, which would mean they might be better classified as cathemeral – so let’s just say they don’t really conform to our behavioural classifications.

Regardless of their sleep cycle, northern hawk-owls can detect prey by sight alone from up to a half-mile (0.80km) away.

Nowhere to hide, voles.



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