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Built For Battle
πŸ“Έ by @nealcooperphotography

A defeated warthog makes his escape, having lost his battle with a rival male over the rights to a female.

The “wart” part in the warthog’s name comes from the thick growths of skin on their faces, intended to pad them when they fight or “rut” during mating season.

The female hogs also possess these “warts” because they also use their face as a weapon, only their fights are more likely to occur with an attacking predator – and it is usually in defense of their young.

Warthogs can move very quickly, reaching speeds of 34mph (55kph) from a standstill, impressive for an animal that can weigh up to 250lbs (113kg) at their largest.

If their speed fails them, they are armed with razor-sharp ivory tusks, which are basically canine teeth that never stop growing.

They are very proficient at using them in defensive, as well as offensive scenarios.



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