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πŸ“½ by @azoolife (and @animaledventures)

This is what the inside of a red kangaroo’s pouch looks like.

Kangaroo’s to live young only 34 days after conception, to a joey that is roughly the size of a jellybean.

The joey is then guided to the marsupium by a trail of saliva that the mother licks from her cloaca to the pouch opening, which it follows by using its highly developed sense of smell.

Once inside the pouch, it is then up to her young to find one of her nipples and latch on. For whatever reason, if it cant find the nipple, it’s as good as dead.

When finally latched, the joey will spend the next 8 months inside the marsupium drinking mother’s milk and growing larger each day.

They also poop in there.



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