Failed Eviction
πŸ“½ by @kauffman_photo

Jeff Kauffman caught this incredible footage of of 2 northern flickers ousting a starling that was trying to take over their home.

Starlings are an invasive species, they are originally from Europe and were introduced into North America by the American Acclimatization Society.

Their “job” was to populate the New World with familiar european species, with complete disregard for the native species they continue to displace.

Eugene Schieffelin was the chairman of this society, and an avid Shakespeare fanboy – he prioritized releasing every bird mentioned by the playwright in his work, and the starling is by far the crown jewel of his efforts.

The starling is now one of the most prevalent invasive species of all time.

Great job, fuckleheads.

Starlings push out and compete for resources with native cavity dwellers, such as bluebirds, owls and woodpeckers.

Flocks of these mean little bastards can devastate farmland, which started an arms race to repel them – STARLICIDE is a chemical avicide specifically designed to be harmful to starlings and less toxic to other birds – so yeah, the next step is nuclear.

It all makes sense when you find out that starlings are responsible for over $1 Billion worth of crop damage each year.



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