Friendly Neighborhood Hypercarnivore

A thin piece of glass is all that separates this man from the largest terrestrial carnivore on earth.

Polar bears are hypercarnivores, which means at least 70% of their diet is made up of the flesh of other animals.

As with all other bear species, a polar bear can easily outrun a human on foot, their paws are designed to grip the ice and snow much better than your boots and they can smell you for miles – so even if you did manage evade one, they could easily track you down.

Unlike feline predators who employ a single bite to the throat, polar bears use their immense weight and their powerful paws to beat prey into submission, often causing severe damage to the head and spine of their prey.

More often than not, a polar bears quarry struggles for quite some time before death occurs, and by that time the bear has already begun to eat.



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