Lights Out
πŸ“Έ by @markdumbletonphoto

Male lion lowering the pesky hyena population by one.

Lions and hyenas inhabit the same areas of Africa and are constantly in competition with one other.

In fact, lions will go out of their way to harass and even kill a hyena just for getting too close, especially when they are defending a kill.

This photo was taken by @markdumbletonphoto and as he describes it, he was close enough to hear the “sounds of the hyena’s neck being crushed by the lion” and the “bones breaking.”
There is evidence of this rivalry dating back 12000 years, when lions and hyenas still roamed central and western Europe, so this animosity towards eachother is absolutely built into their DNA at this point.

For 2 weeks in April of 1999, Ethiopia’s Gobele desert was turned into a battleground as lions and hyenas went to war over some territory near Girawa.

Both sides would hide away during the day, and once the sun was set, the war would resume.

In the span of those 2 weeks, the lions killed 35 hyenas and the hyenas killed 6 lions.

In the end, the lions ended up taking control of the disputed Ethiopian territory.



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