All for me and None for thee
πŸ“½ by @x_hi_jac_x

Male elephant seal defending his harem from a young upstart.

These males have been fasting for roughly 3-4 months at this point- shedding up to 40% of their body mass.

They do this every mating season. In order to defend their females from opportunistic betas, they must remain on the beach at all times.

Some of these harems have up to 50 females each, and the male (alpha) who dominates the rest for the best spot on the beach gets to claim romantic rights over all of them.

Very few elephant seals will secure a harem, the rest will attempt to subvert the hierarchy and mate with females while the alphas back is turned.

One alpha male elephant seal can father over 500 pups, in fact, most pups are sired by only a handful of alphas – the vast majority of elephant seals fail to secure a harem and never successfully mate.

That certainly does not stop them from trying.



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