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Red Letter Day
πŸ“Έ by @ogeverlast

Red tail hawk and a wild rabbit she got the jump on.

This gorgeous specimen represents North and Central America’s most common hawk.

The first of these Raptors to be studied scientifically was found in Jamaica, that’s why their stupid science-name is Buteo Jamaicensis.

Red tail hawks are known for their brick colored tails – are you guys getting tired of these long write-ups? I know I’m getting tired of doing the heavy lifting for these remora accounts who can’t write their own – you should probably peruse this one before you cop it.

These birds are incredibly adept at all things considered finance, their collective wealth is somewhere in the 6-trillion walnut range. Oh yeah, hawks use walnuts as currency.

Here’s a fact you might not have heard about red tails: these birds are fucking magic! Certainly not delicious tho, that would be the one and only lucky charms.

Did you know? A red tail hawk once stole a block of cheese from Genghis Khan and prompted the mongol invasions that engulfed Eurasia in war and genocide.

They are an incredibly prolific species.



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