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Dead Weight
πŸ“½ by @craiggeldy

These two kudu bulls locked horns in a “fight.”
I’d like to offer an alternative theory with regards to what may have happened here: this kudu was most likely dead before the other one locked with it – allow me to explain:

Sometimes during the rut (mating season) testosterone is at a high level, males are on the look out for females to mate with and bulls to fight with.

Some bulls get so amped-up about fighting that they will lock horns with anything – even the horns of another recently deceased kudu bull.

Unfortunately for him, he had to drag his shame around with him until these rangers made the discovery.

There’s a famous photo of a white-tail buck that makes the rounds on social media from time to time – the buck in the photo is tangled with another bucks antlers and disembodied head.

It is suspected that this is the result of that buck happening upon another dead buck that was in the later stages of decomposition, which made it much easier for him to remove the head.

I could be totally wrong on this, I just have to go with my gut.



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