Death Approaches
📸 by @pablocersosimo

Orca nearly beaches itself in pursuit of a sea lion.

If you were a sea lion pup, you might think that splashing around in the shallow water on the beach would place you securely ‘off menu’ for large predators like orcas.

You would be wrong.

These orcas have learned how to beach themselves and snatch up their unsuspecting prey in mere inches of water.

With a powerful burst of speed, these 6 tonne mammals are able to charge the beach before the seals are able to react.

They then wiggle their massive body back and forth and slide back into the water on the smooth stones that conveniently line the shore.

This attack was (obviously) not successful, but that won’t stop the orcas for trying this again.

This behavior is not instinctual, the older whales teach the juveniles the way and they all practice it throughout the seal breeding season.

As far as I know, the only place this behavior has been documented is on the beaches of the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina.



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