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πŸ“½ by @butati.nyundo

Chimpanzee captures a baby vervet monkey.

When a baby monkey is caught by a chimpanzee, the first thing eaten is the brain.

The brain is high in fat and long chain fatty acids, which are important dietary sources of fuel.

The rest of the body is also consumed, but the brain of these young monkeys seem to be the top priority for the chimps that hunt them.

Strangely, the brains of adult monkeys (also hunted by the chimps) aren’t as sought after, or at least they aren’t the first thing they go for.

The reason for that might simply be the ease of access: a chimp can easily crack the skull of a baby monkey, whereas the skull of the adult is much stronger and more developed.

Instead, when an adult monkey is caught, it’s liver and any other nutrient-rich organs are consumed first.
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