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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Amazon
📸 by @andresnovales_wildlife

Crowned false boa with ticks in its eyes.

During an amazing night herping in the Peruvian Amazon I found this Crowned false boa (Pseudoboa coronata) on the move.

I noticed something was not right with this snake’s eyes and took a closer look.
I was left in awe when I finally got to see what was going on.

Both of this unlucky snake’s eyes were covered in parasites. I did not notice this until just moments before setting the snake free.

Like an elephant feeding on grass or a monkey eating a fruit, they need to feed in order to survive and to breed.

Nasty? Maybe, but that’s how nature works.

We reworked the write up @andresnovales_wildlife wrote because who’s better at telling you whats happening that the man who took the photo.



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