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Assasin Fly
πŸ“Έ by @alexander_mett_photography

Also known as robber flies, these powerful insects are notoriously aggressive predators that feed exclusively on other insects – capturing most of them mid-flight.

They kill their prey by piercing it with their proboscis, the elongated tubular appendage that houses the mouth parts/food canal of the insect.

Once injected with their saliva, the prey is paralyzed by a neurotoxin and simultaneously begins to liquefy via enzymes infused at the same time.

In a very short period of time, the robber fly is able to capture, paralyze and drain the internal fluids of their quarry.

There are many species of robber fly (asilidae) and they are all masters in the art of ambush predation.

Combined with their voracious appetite and their wide array of prey options, they are vital in maintaining a healthy balance between insect populations and their respective habitats.



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