Guardian Angel
πŸ“½ by @karasteffens

Mountain lion attempts a grab and go on a small dog.

If the dangers of leaving your pets outside in an area known for cougars wasn’t already apparent, this will hopefully illustrate just how easily they can gain access to your beloved pets.

Mountain lions hunt primarily by sight, so the first thing I would change about this enclosure (I’m making the assumption that it is fully enclosed) would be to eliminate or block up any gate or fencing that the cougar can acquire a target through.

This will not stop an encounter like this entirely, but it would significantly lower the chances of a cougar testing his luck if he has to take extra steps to see inside.

Predators like the cougar are textbook opportunists, the meal that presents the least amount of challenge is the one they prefer – so making your pets look like a challenge to grab is one of the best ways to keep them around.

Luckily, this encounter ended with a few shaken up dogs, a frantic owner and an unsuccessful cougar.

Also, that woman is a boss for spooking the cat into bailing, this would have ended much differently if she didn’t react in time.



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