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πŸ“Έ by @spoken_wildlife

Sub-adult male lion dragging a zebra carcass to safety.

This photo got me thing about something: how many lions can one full grown zebra feed?

First, I put that into google. Nothing.

Then I looked up the amount of food (roughly) lions and lionesses can eat in a day: for males its 15.4lb (7kg) and for females its 9.9lb (4.5kg).
My next search was the average weight of a full-grown zebra: 700lbs (317kg) – the problem with that number is the skeleton, how much do the bones weigh?

So I looked that up – nothing.

In another search I found out that for a human, the magic number is 15% – so if a human weighs 100lbs (45kg), 15lbs (6.8kg) of that is bone.

Since this is obviously not a human, I bumped it up to 25% – wave the math wand, we get 525lb (238kg).
The average lion pride consists of 2 – 3 adult males and 5 – 10 females. I’m gonna go with 3 males/8 females for the sake of this calculation.

So, now we have our very rough, average at best numbers to try and figure out how long it will take before this hypothetical pride will have to hunt again.

3 Males combined eat 46lb (21kg) per day
8 Females combined eat 79lb (36kg) per day
Total: 125lb (57kg) per day

Zebra weighs 525lb (238kg) without its skeleton

125 divides 525 four times.
4 days until they have to hunt again.

Unless it gets stolen….


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