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Dine Alone
πŸ“Έ by @michel_zoghzoghi

Leopard hanging out with a fresh buffalo calf to eat.

Leopards are the most widely distributed big cat in all of Africa – they are also the smallest of all the big cats in the genus Panthera.

Despite being so cosmopolitan in their dissemination, good luck finding one. Leopards spend most of the daytime hidden in caves or trees – only coming out at night to hunt.

They can very easily adapt to any terrain they may find themselves in. They are fantastic swimmers, superb climbers and they hunt the widest variety of prey compared to any other major african predator.

There are up to 90 different prey species harvested by the leopard in sub-saharan Africa alone. Their diets can include insects, fish, reptiles and grazing animals – they are also very keen on stealing a meal here and there.



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